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ALAA Approved Breeder!
What does this mean to you?
This means that all the things you should be concerned about when looking for a dog have already been required
and verified by the Australian Labradoodle Association of America. All Parent dogs must meet the requirements for
health testing so you can be assured that everything is being done to breed the healthiest puppies possible,
the health warranty/contract provided to families has been reviewed and approved and must be honored if it
ever becomes necessary, all litters and puppies must be registered and appropriate pedigree information provided
to families. Being an ALAA registered breeder means you can be assured we are responsible and accountable
to an organization that has very strict guidelines and requirements in place that protect you as a buyer.

Please read our customer testimonial page for firsthand information from
families who have adopted from Spring Creek Labradoodles!




We ask that every family adopting a puppy from us read two very helpful and important books.  They will make a tremendous difference in the adjustment and assimilation of a puppy into your home.  Many people have a false idea of how they should handle dogs, or what they respond to.  Most dog issues are really issues with people, not with the dogs.  Please read:

The Dog Listener  by Jan Fennell (You can visit her website at http://www.janfennellthedoglistener.com/
How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves  by Sophia Yin, DVM


These are fabulous packages for anyone adopting a new puppy, or for families who already have a puppy or dog but want to have quality products and toys to use. Don't worry about having to shop for all the items you'll need when adopting a new puppy. We've already put the effort into having basic packages available for your use, and the cost is less than you'd pay at a local retail store in your town! No shopping, ho hassle!!! And absolutely no stress!!!

Click the links below for full descriptions of what is included in each package!

Puppy Starter Package - Top quality products that will help provide you all the basics you need to begin caring for your puppy from a crate, crate bed, leash, collar, toys, brushes, chew deterrant, waste bags, bowls, shampoo, etc!

Grooming Package - Quality products for bathing, brushing, ear and eye care, and trimming hair around delicate areas like the eyes, feet, ears, etc! 

Email us at springcreeklabradoodles@gmail.com to order your packages!!!

At Spring Creek, we focus on producing the wavy fleece coat, but will sometimes have wool or hair available as well. Please review the information about coat types on our BREED HISTORY page in order to determine which coat type you are interested in.

Spring Creek's Summer Sensation x Memory Lake I'm Your Mr. Right
Medium to small standard size apricots to reds between 18-20" at the shoulder
Australian Labradoodles
Puppies born March 5th and ready for their new homes May 2nd


Two girls and two boys are available!

Lime Girlvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Orange Boy

Orange Girl vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvTeal Boy

Spring Creek's Mysterious Ma Cherie x Ocean State's Charm'd By Chance
Large miniature to medium size creams/apricots, reds possibly, between 16-18" at the shoulder
Australian Labradoodles
Puppies born March 21st and ready for their new homes May

Spring Creek's Happenstance Aquila x Ocean State's Charm'd By Chance
Medium size chocolates and one black between 17-18" at the shoulder
Australian Labradoodles
Puppies due early April and ready for their new homes early June


Spring Creek's Moonlight Kiss x Spring Creek's Bravo! Bravo!
Medium size creams and blacks between 18-19" at the shoulder
Australian Labradoodles
Puppies born April 4th and ready for their new homes May 30th!

Two black males, one cream male, and one cream female available!

Spring Creek's Dance Me A Memory x Springville's Thor (owned by Signature Labradoodles)
Medium size creams/apricots, reds between 17-18" and 25-35 lbs
Australian Labradoodles
Puppies due around May 3rd and ready for their new homes end of June


nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnPicture courtesy of Signature Labradoodles


We currently only breed Australian Multi-gen Labradoodles.  We are no longer breeding F1 generation of puppies due to lack of consistency producing non-shedding/allergy friendly pups, and are no longer breeding F1B Goldendoodles. We will primarily have fleece coated puppies available, however, we will sometimes have wool and hair coats as well, depending on the litter produced. For info on how our puppies are cared for, and for information on early spay/neuter, please read OUR SERVICES & CONTRACTS page.  All puppies are sold as pet quality, already spayed/neutered unless our pediatric vet is unavailable due to specialized training out of the country.  If you are interested in a breeding quality puppy, please let us know and we will be happy to discuss selling an intact puppy.  All Australian Labradoodle puppies are registered with the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America Inc.).  



To send us an application, click here PUPPY APPLICATION or visit the Application page of our website. Follow the link in the column to the left.



A Deposit must be made to reserve a spot on our wait list. Deposits are to be in the form of personal check, certified check, or Paypal, in the amount of $500. Final payments may only be made by cashier's check or wire transfer. No Paypal for final payments. Paypal link for deposit is below. PLEASE NOTE*** Deposits are refundable ONLY if we are unable to provide you with a puppy that suits what you have indicated wanting and needing within the time frame you have communicated wanting a puppy. Please be aware of this. Our time spent with you in communication and in handling your requests and holding a reservation for you is what your deposit will be paying for should you choose to do something else. It is only a rare situatuion when a planned litter does not arrive as expected, so the ability to provide a puppy as requested is not typically an issue, however, because we have no control over pregnancies, your deposit will be moved to the next available reservation list of your choice should the desired litter not result in a puppy that can be provided to you.

Payment in full is required by the time puppies are eigh weeks of age. The purpose of this is to ensure that Spring Creek Labradoodles has ample time to properly place puppies with qualified homes in the case that the original applicant chooses to postpone the receipt of their reserved puppy. We will provide final payment information to families when puppies are seven weeks of age.

When sending a certified check, please make payable to Spring Creek Labradoodles and mail to:

Rochelle Woods
P.O. Box 565
Pleasant Hill, OR 97455


Click the button below to make a Deposit for your Labradoodle puppy.
Please note that the deposit amount is $500 and may be paid by check or through Paypal.
Final payments and shipping charges may only be made by certified check, or wire transfer.

  • SHIPPING TRAVEL FEE of $350.00 covers transportation to the airport on the scheduled litter shipping date, air fare, vet check and health clearance for flight, and crate. Please be aware we only schedule one date for each litter for us to travel to the international airport three hours away for shipping puppies and the $350.00 shipping/travel fee is for this date only. Should a family require us to schedule a different date for them other than the planned one for the litter, an additional $150 is added to their balance due. Also, each day beyond the 9 week birthdate that we hold a puppy for a family, there will be a $25.00 daily fee added to the puppy balance due. We only hold puppies past this date if our own schedule allows for us to have the time necessary to provide the individual training, potty training, crate training, and socialization that a puppy requires at that age.

  • PUPPY FEE of Australian Labradoodle puppies is $2,750.00. This includes spay/neuter surgery fee of $250.00, ALAA registration, Microchip fee valued at $60.00, first worming treatments and vaccination, one or two health exams by our veterinarian before puppy leaves for his new home, and a packet of starter items that includes a leash, collar, training treats, Nylabone chew, stuffed animal toy, and dog food. .Please read our information at the bottom of this page that explains about adoption fees and quality of dogs bred.


It is important to understand a few things regarding puppy prices.  In purebred circles, and crossbreeds like labradoodles and goldendoodles, there is a wide range of prices.  You can find a purebred Poodle for $200.  You can also find a purebred Poodle for $3,000.  The quality of the line, the health testing invested in, the service and support provide to the buyer, and the warranty offered the buyer, all affect pricing.  In some rare cases, you can still find a quality dog for just a few hundred dollars.  On the flip side, you can also purchase a very poor quality dog for thousands of dollars.  It's up to you do your homework and to ask questions of the breeder.  What is the dog's pedigree, what health testing has been invested in, and what service and support and warranty does the breeder provide? A good breeder will be concerned about the lines they work with and what they will be producing.  They will invest a lot of time and money into their program, and into their customers.         

The dogs in our program have been bred carefully for years and much time, research, and effort has been put into producing quality dogs.  Not only is much time and money invested in raising these potential breeders with the best of care, but much time and money is spent on having specific health tests performed before even considering the dog as a breeding candidate. Only the best are bred, and the resulting quality and service offered to our pet buyers speaks for itself.


  • Spay or neuter surgery already completed unless our pediatric spay/neuter vet is out of the country.
  • Microchip for ALAA registered labradoodle puppies. (You register the chip with your information and pay for the lifetime membership.)
  • "Your Doodle & You" booklet to breed info, basic care and training
  • Patricia McConnell's book "How To Be The Leader of Your Pack......and Have your Dog Love You For It"
  • Quart size bag of food that the puppy is accustomed to eating. 
  • Copy of Contract/Health Warranty with the appropriate paperwork attached.
  • Vaccination and Health Records (one vaccination administered and 2-3 worming treatments).
  • Pedigree ( provided with the ALAA paperwork)
  • ALAA registration papers
  • Nylabone or other quality toy
  • Collar & Leash


*****Please be aware that we do not allow visiting young puppies between birth and 6 weeks of age. This is to eliminate as much exposure to potentially harmful diseases as possible before they have their first vaccination. You are welcome to schedule visiting your puppy after the first vaccinations have been administered.


Here are the sequence of events for every waiting family.

  • When puppies are born, all those who are on that waiting list will be sent a puppy birth announcement and birth pictures.  Every two weeks after we will send an update along with new pictures.  Please be aware that puppies change drastically between birth and 6 months of age, and most will end up being very similar in look once the coat is fully developed.   

  • Before 2-3 weeks of age, we will let families know of one or two chosen shipping dates.  Only one, and occasionally two shipping dates are scheduled for each litter as we live three hours away from the main airport in Portland, Oregon.  If you are not able to receive your puppy on that shipping date, and if our small, local airport provides a flight to your location, we may be able to schedule shipping on another day.  Only one trip out of town to the airport in Portland will be scheduled however, so if our local airport does not provide flights to your location, then the main shipping date will be the only one available unless you choose to come pick up your puppy in person.

  • Final payment will be requested and is due by the time puppies are 8 1/2 weeks of age.  This applies even to families picking up their puppy in person. Money order only or wire transfer will be accepted, NO PAYPAL PAYMENTS FOR THE FINAL FEES. 
  • Between 6 and 8 weeks of age we are able to determine which puppies have the qualities each family is looking for. We will share with families the details on the puppies we think are suitable, and work with them to determine which will become a member of their family.  Being open to either gender allows us the best opportunity to find all the qualities you are looking for in one puppy, but if you have a strong preference for one gender over another, please let us know.  We do not allow families to come and choose a puppy from the litter. Since our families are all over the world, it is impossible for many to come in person and we cannot allow people to choose via pictures only. If choosing were allowed, we would need to work our way down the reservation list in order the application was received, and that would then change our very fair process designed to make sure everyone ends up with the right puppy to a process that leaves some families feeling they are getting the worst puppies in the litter. For more information on our process, we have an article we can share with you that explains our process in greater detail.

  • 8 weeks of age all pet puppies will be spayed/neutered unless our pediatric spay/neuter vet is out of the country. If that is the case, our health warranty and contract will include a spay/neuter clause.  At this age our ALAA registered labradoodle puppies will also have a microchip inserted.

  • If you are coming to pick up your puppy, we are able to hold your puppy for one week after the shipping date without a charge.  After that,  a $25 daily care fee will be charged, but if we have other litters at that time, then we will be unable to hold a puppy for more than one week following the main shipping date.  Puppies of this age require a lot of personal attention for proper socialization and training.  Since we do not own kennels, it means personal one-on-one care of that puppy in our home, which is incredibly time consuming.  If we have other litters we are caring for, we would not have the time to dedicate to properly socializing and training another puppy as our focus will be on the care and raising of the litter in our home at that time.

  • At 9 weeks of age puppies will be ready to go to their new homes.  ALAA registration papers for labradoodle puppies will be mailed to families once they are received from the ALAA, unless your puppy has been sent home with a spay/neuter clause in the contract. If that is the case, your ALAA papers will be mailed to you as soon as we have proof of spay/neuter.  You will need to join the ALAA as a pet member in order to transfer the registration papers into your name

    ***We reserve the right to retain puppies from our litters for use within our own program.*** 

We take great care with the breeding of our dogs.  All our breeding dogs are hip scored and eye tested, for information on other tests that may have been done, please inquire about the individual dog you are interested in.  Testing is done to ensure, as best we can, that any puppies we produce are free from potential hereditary defects. It is not possible to provide any absolute guarantees, however, by health testing our dogs we do our best to avoid potential hereditary defects being passed on to your puppy.



  • A pre-puppy placement questionnaire/application must be filled out, and will be thoroughly reviewed. 
  • Anyone purchasing a puppy from us will enter a binding contract once their puppy has been identified, which will contain all agreements between each party.  It has been designed to protect seller, buyer, and puppy.
  • We require that families always give us first rights at purchasing a dog back if they are unable to keep him/her.

v v



2009 Spring Creek Labradoodles 
Reproduction of material or photos without written permission is prohibited